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Lets Help You Find A New Home

Here at Edgehill Realtors, we are committed to showing our buyers what New Haven and the Connecticut shoreline have to offer.


With our intimate knowledge of all the best nooks, and corners of the city, we can help position you in your dream location.


Check Us Out in Action

We get to know our clients, inside and out, and we put their needs first, to find their dream home. 

Our goal, is to ensure that each home owner falls in love with the home that our realtors help them choose.

We love Connecticut and especially New Haven, and everything it has to offer. 

See A More Modern


At Edgehill, we pride ourselves with being cutting edge. Therefore we provide you access to the best and most modern technologies and strategies to finding your dream home.

With constant communication, intimate knowledge of the market, and 24/7 on call service, we will be first to know if your dream home has appeared.


Let Us Help You!

32 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06405  

Tel: (203) 776 - 1899

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